A local gym forced to close during the Coronavirus precautions has found a way for its clients to keep fit and participate in workouts from home.

Brandon Kelly, owner of Joliet’s Undisputed Strength Co. gym at 1736 Essington Rd in Joliet, and Undisputed Nutrition Co. store and café at 906 brook forest dr (Rt. 59) is confident the sudden impact of the virus closures will result in the local community coming back stronger after this sudden and unexpected setback. But in the short-term, he wants to combat feelings of uncertainty and fear by keeping people connected and active—even if it is only through nontraditional means.

Undisputed Strength Co. had already been planning online workouts and resources as part of its growing business, but it is now ramping up those efforts to meet the needs of people staying home in response to Coronavirus concerns. Beyond that, the business has begun loaning out its exercise and strength equipment to members so they can continue to maintain their fitness schedules at home.

“We’ve given out dumbbells, medicine balls, jump ropes, plates and even bars,” said Kelly. “Everyhting is theirs to take, they’re going to need some sanity outlets within the mandatory shutdown”

Shanelle Luckey, a lead trainer at the business, said “We know it’s going to be a stressful time. Exercise is a stress reliever and we want to help and provide for our community through this in any way possible.”

One of the gym’s members, Rosie Cardenas, said her training at Undisputed Strength has prepared her to stay focused and utilize exercise as a consistent routine within her own home. ”Even though we train in groups here in the gym, I know the exercises,” she said. “So I’m going to go home and replicate them as best I can. Having the equipment available for loan is really generous of them, and it’s going to make a big difference.”

“Undisputed is a real strong community,” Kelly says, “and by helping them keep fit in body and mind in these uncertain times, we will make the community stronger for the future.”

Originally published Mar 20, 2020  ,: Unidos Media  All Rights Reserved 2020